Exhibition Dynamic

Longmax triumphed from SPI ,Let’s meet in 2016


Solar Power International(SPI) which was hold at Anaheim Convention Center was close at Sep.19th.2015.This the third time for Wuxi Longmax Technology Co.,Ltd. to participate in American Photovoltaic Exhibition.


Solar Power International in America is the largest solar professional exhibition and trade fair of the world and it really has great influence to PV industry. Until now, it has been successfully held eleven times. Every year, it was held traveling exhibition in America, such as San Diego, Anaheim, Los Angeles and other cities.


On the exhibition, as the leader in solar combiner box market, Longmax exhibited its solar charging table and off-grid suitcase. The two products are used for traveling, they are suitable for outdoor working, picnic, camping and mountain climbing. Its main feature is charging for mobile devices, to maintain power when you are outdoor. They are easy to carry, and with the functions of set entertainment, emergency lighting, outdoor travel. You will not have to worry about power failure when outdoor working. With multi-functions, light and easy to carry, long life  charging and other characteristics, they were attracted the attention of all visitors.


Longmax communicated with many foreign enterprises on the exhibition, they reached many consensus of PV industry on the international stage. Longmax also won the international fame through the exhibition.

Wuxi Longmax Technology CO.,LTD, stock code: 830901, the leader in PV combiner box market, provides solar photovoltaic technology applications and solutions.Longmax products have been sold to Germany, Japan, Russia, Egypt, the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico and more than 30 countries and regions, Longmax won the customers by its one-stop customized service. In the future, Longmax will be more professional, and focus on participating in the international solar power plant project, Longmax belongs to the world.