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"The off-grid solar power generation system specializes for some areas without or short of, electricity and some family to lighting in order of for the benefit of mankinde"

Company Introduction

China Longmax Solar serving the needs of the solar energy industry, focusing on circuit combiner boxes, sub-array combiners, solardisconnects, mc solar cables and PV performance monitoring. A longmax solar combiner box is very important to your PV project, solar combiner box is also ca lled solar junction box, it is used to connect your solar p known Solar Panel Combiner specialist – if you want to search Solar Combiner Box, Solar Array, Photovoltaic combiner boxes seller from China, Wuxi Longmax is the best choice. As longmax is the most experienced and the most professional supplier in the whole China, very famous in Asian countries and the global market. also as the leading producer and exporter, so many big solar projects in the world are equipped with Longmax products. The high quality lightning protection device and monitoring systems ensure your solar projects safety and steady going. Longamax Solar is specialized in solar Power Distribution Cabinet,AC/DC Integrative Cabinet,PV distribution cambiner,PV monitoring device SCBM,DC cabinet intelligent monitoring device PVBM ,Environmental monitoring,RS485 wireless suite,Power Quality Analyzer based in China.


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Anti Reverse Diode
Anti Reverse Diode


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Longmax is a hi-tech enterprise active in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of solutions for sustainable renewable energy targeted in the global markets of photovoltaic industry. The main products are PV array combiner boxes...




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